BDD 2017

The Social Responsibility Forum of NMIMS, in association with Lions’ Club and Navjivan Blood Bank, conducted the annual Blood Donation Drive on 5th October 2017. This event was conducted in the lounge on the 6th floor of SBM, NMIMS. The run-up to the event saw members of SRF interact with students and staff of NMIMS, encouraging them to donate blood. This was done by throwing light on the benefits of blood donation, which include maintaining one’s health by regenerating plasma, as well as the satisfaction derived from the noble deed of saving others’ lives.

The event saw 360 registrations- both online and offline. The prospective donors were examined by medical staff on a few parameters, namely body weight and haemoglobin count. Those who were underweight or had a low haemoglobin count were advised to refrain from donating blood. The others were then asked pertinent questions, such as: whether they had consumed their most recent meal in the past 4 hours, whether they had slept well the previous night, and whether they had consumed alcohol in the past 24 hours. The medical staff then proceeded to collect blood from the donors. There were ten beds in place as against five last year. The process of blood donation took about 15 minutes per donor. The few instances of donors feeling dizzy after donating blood were efficiently handled by the medical staff and the SRF members, who were well-prepared to deal with such situations. They provided the donors with quick sources of nourishment, comprising chocolates, bananas, biscuits, Frooti, and water enriched with glucose.

Some first-time blood donors who were earlier apprehensive about donating blood were pleased to be doing such a good deed, all thanks to the efforts of the SRF members who enlightened them on the benefits of blood donation. The donors walked away with a sense of accomplishment and pride. They were appreciative of the arrangements put in place by the SRF, which wouldn’t have been possible if not for the indefatigable spirit of its members. All the blood donors received a certificate of appreciation in recognition of their donation. The event was a success that saw staff- both administrative and housekeeping- and students graciously donating blood, resulting in the collection of 285 units of blood. SRF is indebted to the support received from Ogizer and Lion’s Club who acted as sponsors of this Drive, as well as Navjeevan Blood Bank, our partner in the event. It is indeed heartening to know that such messiahs still exist in the modern world, who live to serve others.

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