BDD 2016

The Social Responsibility Forum, NMIMS, Mumbai, held a Blood Donation Drive on 9th November 2016 in the NMIMS premises. ONGC was one of the sponsors of the Drive. This Blood Donation Drive was held in association with Lions Club, Juhu. Along with donation of blood, donors would also get their blood checked for Thalassaemia. In case of ineligibility for blood donation for any reason, the individual could still undergo the Thalassaemia test.

A few days before the actual Blood Donation Drive, a licensed professional physician made the rounds of all the classes at NMIMS, escorted by SRF volunteers. The purpose of these visits was to enlighten NMIMS students and faculty alike as to the facts concerning blood donation and Thalassaemia. With his easy, friendly manner and frank, knowledgeable discussion with the students, the doctor was successful in inspiring many students to donate blood and get checked for Thalassemia during the then upcoming Drive.

The Drive took place from 9 am to 6 pm in the 5th floor lounge at NMIMS. Enthusiastic participation was seen from students, faculty, and staff alike. Although online registrations were conducted, on the spot registrations were also taking place. Upon registration, the potential donor’s weight and haemoglobin count were both verified to ascertain eligibility to donate blood. Individuals weighing less than 50kg or having a low haemoglobin count were declared ineligible to donate blood, but encouraged to get their blood checked for Thalassemia. Blood donors were expected to donate 1 pint of blood.

The event was a booming success with 390 registrations and 283 units of blood donated.




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