This year the program was held from 15th January to 27th March, and for the same, SRF collaborated with the NGO-Angel Express, Juhu .33 students from the college got selected for this program and were given an induction session at first and then they were taken to the NGO for an ice breaking session along with POCs from the SRF team. They had a conversation with the kids and also played some games. Afterwards each of them had to talk with the parents of the kids, to make sure that they were aware of the program that was going to start and only after taking their permission, the students were allowed to start the program. ┬áThe classes were scheduled based on both the student and the children’s convenience. Several modules were given by the POCs as a recommendation on what can be done in the sessions. Several activities were conducted such as introductory sessions, interactive games, singing, dancing, learning the basic skills of computer and finally sharing their experiences. The mentors trained them in every way possible so as to help in their personality development. Along with that, they also motivated the children to pursue their dreams.

All the students had a great time with the children and the NGO kids have also benefitted to a great extent. The fireflies programme was an enriching time and a great learning experience for both the kids and the students from the college!

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