How often do you see a plethora of colourful handicraft items, delectable snacks, and lots of enthusiasm in the same room of a business school? This happens annually at NMIMS, Mumbai where creativity and a strong desire to give something back to the society come together. The result is the one-of-a-kind event organized by Social Responsibility Forum – the NGO Mela.

NGO Mela was organised on 2nd August, 2017 at NMIMS, Mumbai. The motive behind organising the Mela was to provide a platform to different NGOs to showcase their products and disseminate awareness about the cause they are working for. NGO Mela is a huge effort towards reaching out to the society. The Mela took place in two lounges which were equipped with stalls for the NGOs.

The event had 13 NGOs in total from different parts of Mumbai participating in the event. Few of these NGOs were Aftertaste- Art Empowerment for Students, Aseema, Nuzhat’s innovation, Ruas, Yash Charitable Trust etc. Each of these NGOs had something novel and beautiful to offer. There was a variety of exquisite and pocket friendly items up for sale such as customised shopping bags, colourful rakhis, dream catchers, jewellery boxes, toothsome chocolates, accessories, and tempting snacks such as fruit bread, garlic bread, brownies, pastas, cookies etc. Most of these amazing items were hand-made by individuals with special needs and underprivileged women from far corners of India.

The event received a positive response from both students and faculty at NMIMS. The visitors were excited to purchase the handicraft items and there was quite a rush to try out the tasty food items in the lounge. There was an unprecedented growth in the number of visitors as compared to last year. Mithibai College too had a stall set up in the college which garnered an equally good response. It was not just the lounges that were humming with energy but also the corridors of the college where enthusiastic students were selling Mela items to their classmates and seniors as a part of a competition to further the good cause. The overall sale of the NGO Mela went up to a whopping INR 1.95 Lacs, a number quite ahead of the sales made so far since 2011.

This feat wouldn’t have been possible without the commitment and efforts of SRF members who made this event a huge success. Right from getting the NGOs on board to the D-day preparations and handling the most challenging tasks of getting sponsors, they gave their best. NGO Mela was a huge success and attained its motive of spreading awareness about social causes.

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