SRF team visited Varista Senior Citizen Centre, Santacruz West, as a part of its old age home visit day. The event was conducted on 6th October, 2018. The official event partner was State Bank of India, Juhu. The visit was a huge learning experience for young students. Along with the SRF volunteers, 20 students from the NMIMs were given an opportunity to make the visit on the basis of first come first serve basis. The students spent around 4 hours at the old age home. 

First, the residents of the Old age home welcomed the student team with their beautiful smiles. They were very hospitable and friendly, students organized various games for elderly people. They divided the people into groups and conducted many games which brought back their childhood memories. To break the ice and bring the residents out of their monotonous life, student volunteers presented a few songs, followed by 2 classical dances. Seeing the student team dance, few residents also came to the mini stage that the team has set, to show their singing and dancing talent. They truly proved that age is just a number. The residents shared their journey of life and gave valuable advice. It was really a poignant experience for the students.

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