Projects under execution

Following are the description of projects undertaken and implemented by SRF, NMIMS :

1.  Sounds Of Silence

Sounds of Silence is India’s first technology-oriented NGO which empowers the hearing impaired with the help of the same to overcome communication barriers and lead a self- sustaining life. Its mission is to achieve equal access for deaf people in every area of their lives. SOS’s mission is to work for the development of the Deaf community,empowering them with the power of expression, promoting social and cultural awareness while working towards independent and barrier free communication for the Deaf. SOS has setup India’s first chat based BPO, driven by the hearing impaired, providing chat assistance and basic digital marketing activities’ assistance to clients. Selected students of NMIMS are helping them to take this initiative ahead with their management skills.

2. The Green Batti Project

The Green Batti Project is India’s largest one-on-one mentoring program that brings together young professionals and children from under-privileged communities. The idea is to enable an exchange of life skills, social skills, basic financial literacy and provide essential exposure to technology.

The program is in partnership with United Nations, Teach For India, Mumbai Smiles and Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Cycle 1 commenced in October 2014 with 500 mentor-mentee pairs across 36 partner schools in Mumbai. We saw significant improvement in confidence levels, school attendance, peer relationships and general knowledge in the mentees.

Aim of this program:

For Mentees:
(1) To discover and develop their true potential
(2) To increase self confidence levels and equip them with the necessary soft skills to break free from prevailing socio-economic conditions

For Mentors:
(1) Gain insights into a world outside your own
(2) The activity based curriculum is also designed to enable self-introspection for both participants?
(3) Make a small but significant change within your available time
(4) Leadership skills ?

3. The Lighthouse Project :

Most of us, at some point or other, have had a guiding light in our lives who has shown us the way forward, corrected us when we were wrong and encouraged us to dream, but there are some children who lack such a presence in their lives due to their socio-economic conditions. The Lighthouse Project is India’s largest one-on-one mentoring program that brings together young professionals and children from under-privileged communities. The idea is to enable an exchange of life skills, social skills, basic financial literacy and provide essential exposure to technology. A large number of students have committed fixed hours to guide these children in a way that they benefit the most. program that pairs professionals and college students with children from under-resourced communities. Mentors commit to 4 hours a month for a period of 8 months of one-on-one mentoring, where the Lighthouse team closely handholds each relationship. Mentors work on building the children’s life skills and social skills while exposing them to the world outside their communities through the course of the programme.

4. i-Volunteer

iVolunteer is a social enterprise that brings volunteers and organisations together to share time, skills and passion to promote India’s social development. i-Volunteer awards aim to change the absence of volunteering from the national psyche and celebrate, reward & promote volunteering in India. Our students have developed case-studies out of success stories of 10 national finalists. We aim to provide other social enterprises a structure to build a successful platform out of already tested methods.

5. Voice Vision

Voice Vision has been working towards making the world a place where blindness is not a handicap, but just a mere inconvenience. It has been empowering the visually impaired with the help of technology; it works towards their social inclusion and facilitates communication between them and the society. Our students worked as accessibility consultants and helped the organization move towards its goal.

6. Telestory

TeleStory is a social enterprise registered in China and US. It aims to combine modern cloud telephony with traditional books and mobile phones in a fashion that empowers illiterate parents to read to their children for the first time. To achieve this goal, they partner with organizations in low income communities to establish libraries of children’s books. Selected as one of the top six social enterprises in the 2015, they are finalists for Hult Prize at the CGI(Clinton Global Initiative) Annual Summit from over 2000 applicants worldwide. Hult Prize is considered to be one of the top 5 ideas that are changing the world for better. Students have helped them to expand their pilot
in India by building partnerships and conducting market research.

7. India-Donates

“Connect with the cause closer to your heart”, yes that is precisely what we do. We connect people interested in helping NGOs, NGOs and commercial establishments through innovative way. is operated by I Believe Technologies. IndiaDonates is a innovative digital platform to help you connect with credible NGO by facilating contribution to the NGO projects and volunteering. IndiaDonates is a simple, fast and secure way to join the future of Giving and put you in control. It is supported by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai and DBS Foundation. It is a privately held company.

The project involves business development for the organisation. The main roles and resposibilities include –
1. Analyse current information trend in crowd funding platform
2. Create content in line with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requirement
3. Mapping the existing information as per the template

8. United Ways of Mumbai

 Youth for Healthy Mumbai is a citywide campaign in response to increase in the incidences of monsoon ailments (Malaria and Dengue) in Mumbai every year during the monsoon season. This campaign is spearheaded by college youth who are trained as Peer Health Educators on Monsoon Ailments. These trained peer health educators in turn reach out to the communities identified to spread awareness on key messages of Monsoon ailments such as Malaria and Dengue. Public Health Department of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai is our partner in this campaign.

The project involves awareness drives (street plays, one to one interactions, leaflet distributions etc) on Monsoon Ailments in localities identified in consultation with local municipal ward officials and United Way of Mumbai. The students also follows up with Malaria patients under treatment with municipal health posts for monitoring compliance of Radical Treatment.


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