Flagship Event, Sadbhavna

‘Sadbhavna’ which means ‘Empathy’, epitomizes the SRF religion – ‘Social Responsibility’. Over the years, through eloquent participation from society, it has evolved into a strong scaffold for building long- standing and mutually beneficial relationship between the society and the student community.
Last year, the theme for our flagship event was ‘Samavesh’. Who does not want a society where all people feel valued, their differences are respected and their basic needs are met so that they can live with dignity? One aspect of Samavesh was social inclusion aimed at creating conditions which enable full and active participation of every member of the society in all aspects of life, including civic, social, economic, and political activities, as well as participation in decision making processes. Another aspect of Samavesh was financial inclusion aimed at empowering individuals and families by providing them access to credit thereby plugging gaps and leaks in public subsidies and welfare programs.
Samavesh, therefore, was an attempt to understand the socio-economic issues of financial and social inclusion from a holistic perspective. We sought to do this through our plethora of events as follows:

Vagyuddha (Parliamentary Debate)
This event was focused on discussing key socio-economic issues that have been affecting people at large. The debate competition was open for all B-Schools across the country and was primarily focused on fostering a lively exchange of ideas among the participants. The focus was on the quality of debate and not quantity and the event resulted in fruitful dialogue among the participants.

We Innovate (Business Idea Competition)
An online competition inviting business plans from all B Schools. The event was judged by a panel of three judges with in-depth industrial knowledge and experience. This event aimed to attract and highlight the managerial capabilities of the budding managers across B-schools of the country.

Anugoonj (NGO Skit and Dance Competition)
Empowerment today is becoming synonymous with holistic growth. This event was about helping NGOs, especially those connected to children, find their ground and in the process empower themselves. The event provided these NGOs with a platform to showcase how they have helped change lives for good and nurtured talent within their organization. We had many scintillating performances presented by children which warmed our hearts.

Samadhaan (Case Study Competition)
Samadhaan aimed to provide a platform to young bright minds to come up with innovative solutions for real life problems of NGOs. The competition would also highlight the future scope of the initiative proposed about in the case study and the drawbacks if any. The competition was aimed at not only challenging the upcoming MBAs but in the process aiding an organization tackles real life managerial problems.

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