We Care

An initiative designed to enable MBA students in examining the ground realities and engaging their creative energy to address social issues, We Care: Civic Internship Programme is a unique student – centered endeavour by SBM, NMIMS. It helps students develop entrepreneurial ideas to deal with the social issues while aspiring to activate the social sensitivity of the students. In all, 586 students were placed across 247 organizations, working on diverse issues like education, child rights, health, housing, women’s empowerment, legal aid, micro finance & micro entrepreneurship, media and other related areas.

The We Care Process:

It is a meticulously planned activity that starts in August every year. As an extremely streamlined process, it involves detailed tasks like Initial Planning, Collecting Student database and CVs collection. This is followed by connecting the students with NGOs according to the student profiles and NGO requirements matching and facilitating communication between placed Interns and NGOs, thereafter. It also ensures that students are equipped with relevant knowledge by way of We Care Workshops that are conducted to bring about a familiarity with the organisation. Finally, the process comes to an end with We Care reporting and Post We Care Events comprising competitions that aim to showcase and share the internship experiences and learnings of students.

Post We Care Events :

Post the three week Internship period, students are given a platform to exhibit their work through various events and competitions like ‘We care Poster Presentation Competition’ and ‘We Care Photography and Documentary competition’. The Competitions are judged by eminent dignitaries who have vast experience in the social sector and government organizations in the relevant domain. Students with commendable contributions are then awarded prizes as a gesture of encouragement and appreciation.

We Care is a successful Initiative and a great matter of Pride that provides an adequate opportunity to every student at SBM,NMIMS to engage his knowledge and skill in a meaningful direction. Through this internship programme, the students develop an increased social awareness and are able to integrate their learning to become more socially sensitive individuals. With this extra effort taken in the right direction, SBM NMIMS increasingly establishes its commitment to contribute to the community by recognising its social responsibility in an innovative manner.

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